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The advanced Motorcycle GPS tracker protects your motorcycle against theft, alerting you as soon as your bike has been touched or moved without the keys in - providing you peace of mind that you will be the first to know if anyone tampers with your bike. However, should the bike get stolen, the online platform gives you the ability to track your motorcycle with a real-time location giving you, us & the police the best chance of recovering your bike. 
With a motorcycle stolen every 30 minutes in the UK, it turns out you need more than just a good lock to stay safe.
Losing a motorcycle can be disheartening, so save yourself from the heartache, loss of earnings, buying a replacement bike, or claims on your insurance. Take the lead by arming your motorcycle with an advanced GPS tracking device.

GPS Tracking device key features


View past and current locations every few seconds


The tracking device only uses 0.2 milliamp when the vehicle is not in use



Owner notified if the bike is touched without the keys present, bike lifted, moved or the bike battery been disconnected

Your bike will be monitored by our system & you will be notified by phone of a potential theft


Alerts sent to you in real-time if a potential theft is taking place


Locate a bike even if it is hidden in a container, shed, garage or in a private compound down to a 10cm accuracy

Advanced tracking technology

This Motorcycle GPS Tracker is a powerful and easy-to-use GPS tracking device which is specifically designed for motorcycles.

With GPS, LBS, GSM, GPRS & RF technology, this device can easily achieve fast and accurate positioning anywhere on the globe even if the bike is hidden out of sight.

We can pinpoint the bikes exact location down to a 10cm accuracy using the built-in RF Homing Beacon 

With the multi-network sim card installed it will always have the best possible signal as it can lock on to any network worldwide. This means the device is able to get a good signal even in hard to reach places.

Download the Superior Tracking Mobile APP Below

How much does it cost?


This includes:​

  • An advanced GPS tracking device

  • A professional and covert installation at your place of work or home address

  • 1 year warranty

  • A monthly subscription is also required of £10 per month paid by Direct Debit or £100 a year paid in advance

  • This includes access to the online tracking portal & mobile application

  • Assistance in the locating of your bike using our dedicated finder network

  • Track in real-time and check your previous riding history

  • Email, push notifications & phone call alerting you of a potential theft

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