Welcome to Superior Tracking

Hello, my name is Terry and I am the owner and founder of "Superior Tracking Limited".


My story began many years ago, as an avid motorbike rider I have unfortunately been the victim of motorcycle crime and theft on many occasions. As a young man, I was unable to afford to pay for tracker fitting and this meant making expensive claims off of my insurance and the inevitable increases in insurance prices year by year. Not only was I disheartened by the loss of my motorbike, I was faced with unsustainable increases in my insurance costs.


In recent years motorcycle & scooter theft in London has rocketed. Between July 2016 and June 2017 alone, there were 14,943 thefts, a massive increase of 30% on the previous year. Moped gangs are also targeting these vehicles in order to commit further crimes with the Met Police registering 16,158 crimes compared to 5,145 the year before - a staggering increase of over 200%, with many innocent people suffering because of it. 


Due to this significant increase in crime and my work as a delivery driver, I decided to take action and protect my vehicle and my livelihood as much as I could. I decided to fit a GPS tracking device to my own moped which I covertly installed. It was not long after this that my moped got stolen while I was having a break from work. I had received a notification on my phone to say my bike was being tampered with, however by the time I managed to get outside my bike had already gone. I was devastated to have once again been a victim of crime but unlike before, this time I had a chance to retrieve my bike. I could see the bike had not been taken far so I rushed to the scene to recover my bike - not before calling on the police and some friends who also came down to assist me. My bike was found in an unrecognizable state, laying on the floor already stripped to its basic components, however as a mechanic I was able to retrieve all the parts and rebuild my bike by the end of the weekend.  


Following this event, there was a lot of media interest and my fellow riders and friends started to inquire about Superior Tracking for their own motorbikes and mopeds. This gave me the inspiration to start my tracker fitting business, so I began working closely with a manufacturer to produce a device which worked to prevent crime and achieve this at a cost-effective price for everyone.


Here is a link to an article written about my bike recovery story in the "Evening Standard newspaper"


I wish everyone happy riding on their beloved motorcycle and "stay safe".