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Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions

How does the tracking device work?

Like many GPS enabled devices the tracking device acquires a GPS position and sends this information over a network to our tracking platform for you to view in real-time.

Why do I need a subscription?

Your tracking device sends its location over a mobile network to the Tracking Platform this allows the tracking device to update it's every location, your monthly payment covers these costs. You will also have full access to Real-Time Location Your route history Mobile application Unlimited email alerts Unlimited push notifications sent straight to you mobile device Unlimited tracking All sim data included Online tracking platform

Can I cancel my subscription & what will happen if I do?

Yes you can, you will need to cancel 30 days notice. If you cancel your subscription your GPS tracker device will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to track your vehicle. Therefore it is strongly recommended not to cancel your subscription. Alternatively, if you sell your vehicle the new owner can contact us here to take over the subscription for that vehicle.

How do I get the tracking device fitted to my vehicle?

Please click the "Buy now" tab at the top of the page, and then fill out the form to order the tracker and book the appointment to have it installed at a time that suits you.

Where do I go to get the tracking device installed?

We carry out tracker fitting anywhere within London and the surrounding areas, we are a mobile company so we are able to come to you. As long as we can work in a dry, well lit location we carry all the necessary tools to do the job right.

Will the tracking device drain my vehicle battery?

The tracking device is designed to be as effecient as possible and to only be available when requested, so it will have minimal effect on your vehicles battery as the device will go to sleep mode. Additionally, the device also has its own battery installed so it is not reliant on your bikes battery.

What do you require from me?

If you would like to buy one of our tracking device's please click the Buy here tab at the top of our web page to make your purchase.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes we offer a 12 month warranty from the date of the tracker device installation, this includes any failure of the device itself, and we will replace free of charge if it is a fault at our end. If we find evidence that the device has been removed and refitted by someone that doesn't have the necessary knowledge their may be a charge to put it right.

Can I see where my vehicle is in real-time & where it has been previously?

Yes you can, by login in to the tracking platform or the mobile app you are able to see the current status of your vehicle in real-time. You can also review where it has been at any point in the past. Access to the tracking platform is covered in the subscription cost.

What happens if my vehicle gets stolen?

The first thing you should do is call the police, report the theft and notify them that there is a tracking device installed. They will provide you a Crime Reference Number (CRN). You will have full access of your vehicles location so you can liase with the police directly to aid recovery. Please follow police guidance and for your own safety we would advise that you do not try to locate the vehicle yourself. Any attempt to recover your own vehicle would be at your own risk.

What happens to the tracking device if i sell my vehicle?

Please notify us that you are selling your vehicle and you can cancel your subscription within 30 days of the next payment. Additionally, please notify the new owner that there is a tracking device installed, and if desired they can start a new account in order to use the tracker by contacting us We do not currently offer a service where we transfer your tracking device from one vehicle to another, this is in order to keep costs down and therefore return these savings to the customer.

What if my vehicle leaves the UK?

Your tracking device has a multi-network, worldwide sim installed so you can relax in the knowledge that your vehicle can be located wherever it may be taken. Another benefit is that if you choose to take your vehicle on holiday, there is no extra charge for this unlike other tracking companies and it is still covered with real-time tracking, but if you move abroad permantly or for a time longer than 30 days there will additional charges

What areas do you cover to carry out the tracking device fitting?

We cover London and the surrounding areas but please contact us for more details.

Why does my device show offline when stationary?

Your device is programmed to go to sleep to prevent draining the trackers internal battery & to protect your vehicles battery, once the vehicle is moving again this will resume back to normal operation.